Conceptual Met-RX Packaging

The desirable male body has changed since metrics was developed in the early 1990's, from steroid-infused beefcake to lean. MET-Rx needs to change its brand perception from magical bulk up powder to an aid for achieving realistic fitness goals.

Standard forms and plastics are used for the protein shakes and meal replacement bars. However, the protein powder bag bucks the tradition of the massive protein powder bucket while offering the same amount of powder. This bag uses a food safe material called Tyvek, the same material FedEx uses for its shipping envelopes.



Nike Swim Goggles


Work done wile working at Opolis Design.

A Nike licensee approached Opolis Design to solve a problem with their swim goggle packaging. The challenge was to have the package fit in with the Nike visual center, which is more oriented toward court and field sports, while amplifying what is unique about aquatic sports. 


Logo Design